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The Legends of Gallipoli, ANZAC Day

written by: bonita morony
April 23, 2020

April 25, the most important National occasion. ANZAC Day

The Australian and New Zealand army Cor were the brave soldiers who stood, fought, and died during the First World War. In 1915 Australia and New Zealand became witnesses to the New Army of volunteer soldiers.


The brave forces went out to the Gallipoli peninsula to claim Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire and one of Germany’s allies. The ANZACS landed the 25 April, but the Ottoman Turkish defenders were ready for the attack.


The soldiers new that winning was impossible. Nevertheless they continued to fight for eight months. Notwithstanding the hardships, bloodshed and loss of over 8000 lives, the end of 1915 marked the end of the battle for the ANZACS.


They were successfully evacuated by the British. The ANZAC legends, who gave their lives in Gallipoli hit the hearts of the citizens of Australia and New Zealand.


In 1916, they made April 25 the day for these heroes to be remembered for their sacrifices and their commitment to uphold liberty at all costs. To these brave men, we extend our gratitude. To the Knights of Gallipoli, who selflessly risked their lives for the common good, and for believing that their respective countries were worth fighting and dying for! ANZAC Day.