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Zingela Property Management Limited provides a comprehensive range of professional management services to landlords and property owners.


Bringing Landlords and Tenants Together

Applications are easily accesible and processed by quickly enabling a fluid process for tenants. Zingela Property Management Limited will achieve the best possible result for both Landlord and Tenant.

tenant screening

Ensuring Tenant Fit

A comprehensive tenant screening process is inplace in order to ensure a good fit for both parties.


Looking After Your Investment

A preventive maintenance program is available to the Landlord. Maintenance to include the following: Plumbing; Electrical; Gardening; Lawns; Trees and Cleaning.

debtor maintenance

Protecting Your Income

Our debtor maintenance services include inspections with reporting using the latest record and report technology; Rental Recovery; Tenancy Tribunal, both submission and representation.


Keeping You Informed

Zingela uses the latest maintenance, inspection, recording and reporting technology. Regular scheduled property inspections are the key to good landlord/tenant relations. The full reports from these are available to you inmediately by email or on your smart phone.

added protection

Everything Including The Kitchen Sink...

Zingela also offers other services on request Just Ask Us Services may include painting and decorating, water blasting, locks / card entry and smoke alarms.