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Nominees for Westpac Business Awards 2017

written by: bonita morony
July 28, 2017

The team at Zingela are very excited to announce that we have been nominated by ATEED to enter the Westpac Business Awards 2017. Zingela have been nominated for “Best Emerging Business” and “Excellence in Customer Service” This is a great honour and we appreciate the opportunity to take part in this prestigious event, with over 130 other Auckland businesses.

We believe that our friendly, knowledgable, professional approach is what sets us apart from the rest. Attention to detail and always going the extra mile for both the landlord and tenant is part of the fabric of the business. This in turn has helped to accelerate Zingela’s growth, especially in the Auckland Bays area.

We are proud of our reputation and we are excited to see where the future takes us.