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Specialising in luxury residential rental properties in Auckland, Zingela takes an exclusive and personalised approach to luxury accommodation.

Owner Bonita Morony, originally from South Africa, leads the team at Zingela Property Management Ltd. After gathering an impressive collection of experiences from around the globe, Bonita poured her knowledge into Zingela, creating a bespoke solution for property owners here in New Zealand.

While tenants get to live the life of leisure, we ensure landlords get to experience just as much luxury. We create tailor-made maintenance programmes, provide transparent access to reporting, and even offer decorating services, all to protect your investment. Our ‘Just Ask Us’ service gives you the opportunity to receive personalised solutions to your individual needs. Luxury Private Residence home to home offering.

Our service also includes a careful tenant screening process in which we find the most desirable landlord-tenant pairings.

At Zingela, you will have access to a property managing experience, unique to you and your needs.


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